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I have had extensive training and experience working with adults and older adolescents and I provide treatment that is supported by research. I received my Ph.D. from Cleveland State University. I am certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I am also a National Certified Counselor and a Supervising Professional Clinical Counselor.

My theoretical orientation is integrative, which means I use a mixture of cognitive behavioral, solution focused, mindfulness, stress management and insight oriented techniques including clinical hypnosis–depending on the needs of the client. I also work with clients to help them develop and enhance their strengths. My style is warm and interactive and I provide ongoing feedback as well as suggesting activities to do between appointments.

In fifteen years as a therapist I’ve learned that anxiety and depression can be debilitating and sometimes immobilizing. Relationship problems with partners, family, or others can diminish our capacity for experiencing pleasure.  Divorce, death, and tragedies may leave us feeling empty and hopeless.  When this happens, we need to help our emotional wounds to heal in order to regain our inner peace.  In my work I look for the way best suited therapy for each client to facilitate the return to emotional balance and enable her or him to enjoy life once more.

Perhaps my return to college later in life has sharpened my awareness of the challenges that affect women today. I see conflicts among the many roles assigned to women and disjoints among the expectations of society and our own needs. Sorting these out for ourselves can be a difficult and sometimes daunting task.

I use hypnotic techniques in a variety of situations. Hypnotherapy can be helpful to someone who is experiencing phobias or panic attacks as well as people working through other emotional issues; it can also be useful in supporting a client’s desire to stop smoking, stay with a weight loss program, exercise, and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

My approach to therapy considers that the mind, body and spirit are integral parts of our whole being, and that imbalance or ill health in one part has negative effects on the others. Achieving balance in and among these parts is an essential component of the healing process, and I work to help clients achieve this balance.

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